AI rules for the sustainable future

Regulation considerations for using and implementing AI solutions (on 24-03-2023)

AI rules for the sustainable future

Regulation considerations for using and implementing AI solutions

In the international environment, many directions and strategies are formulated regarding the role and management of AI, based on its usage in different ways both geographically and fundamental living principles, which needs general regulations.

It is necessary to coordinate and apply these views, so that artificial intelligence solutions can serve development in a cooperative, "hand in hand" manner and avoid harmful applications and abuses by taking advantage of the possibilities of technology.

In general we do not agree with the 6-month stay in place (it would not implement easily), which is also noted by very important people, but we highly value and have used the ideas that have already been formulated in the world regarding responsibility and cooperation. We pay special attention to the evolution of the EU's regulatory ideas, which are also negotiated with the USA.

According to the views of the MMI AI thinking group (lead by Istvan Alföldi, including Gabor Pinter, Attila Balogh, Peter Szekrenyi and other mentors), the following basic rules for the application of AI must be observed:

  • Technological solutions, including artificial intelligence, must serve general individual or social, economic well-being and the safety of human life, and the enforcement of human rights.


  • Every implementation of AI technology is a solution that aims at ethical alignment, efficiency, effectiveness, automation, simplification, digitalization. We only recommend implementations where human responsibility is not substituted by solution elements, so that at least one legal person is ultimately responsible for all aspects.


  • Errors can occur and are based on false information or decision-making methods, so it is important to highlight the risks in the solutions and name the owners responsible for the solution. As with playgrounds, solution owners must make every reasonable effort to ensure safe use and valid information results.


  • Each technological company have to publish and regulate its own development frameworks regarding AI development from both ethical and human life quality aspects.


  • The innovation processes should focus to ensure the safe and trustful work transformation and the proper balace in human and machine coverage. It is mandatory to take preliminary assessments to consider the potenctial negative and positive effects, risks on human workforce in every AI solution.

Because the speed of change is unimaginable, we have no choice but to avoid mistakes and keep these rules.

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