From where the force comes?

Pintér Gábor

Midi-chlorian is a microscopic life-form that allows a Jedi to use the Force. Of course most of us might think the Force also comes by alcohol, drugs, love, regular exercises, etc., but they fail. - This often results to a family issue, altough not exactly the same way like Luke and his father, Darth Vader had to face with.

Is there anything else to get more Force?

If we stop for a moment, around us we might see the average people live by acts, smart people by logic and a wise man uses its mindset.

Most of us like to have regular and stable activities, which might result a safe, countable environment and strongly developed feelings that could give power a lot. Smart people empowered by the creativity and keep practicing at solving problems to utilize himself/herself, by which they feel their importance. Wise men are keen on their mind/thoughts, their feelings, which allows to be part of the nature or a common philosophy.

They gain force, but do they utilize their power?

In a hard situation we have some exams. Those will win who can utilize their strong competences at that time, there in the exact situation. It is not easy to learn this. Many people stressed by challenges that blocks them temporary. Advantage comes if somebody are powered by the race and not only the race requires their power.

Inspired thoughts are helping to regularly practice these empowering skills and being prepared for the challenges.

Can you define your tactic? What would give you power? Will you be able to utilize it on a "rainy" day?

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